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The Abilene ISD began working with Dennis Mitchell during the summer of 2003.  The district has continued to work with him every year since that date.  We are extremely pleased with Mr. Mitchell.  Dennis has an excellent ability to assess all aspects of a campus and provide helpful strategies to administrators and teachers in a non-threatening manner.  He is willing to go above and beyond in meeting the needs of individual campuses and even the parents on those campuses.  The program has been viewed as a positive step by the district and the community. We have seen an overall change in the discipline in the district.  The first year we had one middle school cut student referrals by 40%.  I feel the best way to convey to anyone the impact of the Program is to quote a couple of administrators who experience that impact daily.  I believe in the concepts and strategies in the discipline program.  The district has trained everyone involved directly with students on a daily basis including bus drivers and cafeteria workers.  The impact has been a positive one for our district.

Billy Stone

Director of Accelerated Programs

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