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While principal at White Knoll High School in 2004, we implemented this program and reduced our office referrals by greater than 50% in the first year.  Four weeks into implementation, the faculty broke out into applause when asked how it was going.  As a principal for 15+ years, a new “program” usually did not receive that kind of reception so soon.  I believe the reason this plan works is that it is simple – anyone can do it – and above all- it gives everyone a plan of action for what to do.  Most office referrals fall into the category of mischievous behavior.  (for example, no book, talking too much, disrupts the class, sleeping in class, tardy to class, etc.)  This plan gives teachers the tools to deal with those behaviors in a proactive way with minimal disruption to the instruction going on in the classroom.

                                                                                                                                                                       White Knoll High School SC

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