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Dennis Mitchell believes that when a classroom behavior plan is implemented correctly it will create positive relationships between teachers and students. Dennis specializes in developing a comprehensive positive classroom behavior management. Dennis has been a successful teacher and administrator at both elementary and secondary levels.

It is becoming an all too common occurrence for students to be sent to the principal’s office because of inappropriate behavior. These constant classroom disruptions are having a significant negative impact on school climate and academics.

As with any new teacher, Dennis struggled with classroom discipline. These struggles led Dennis to develop a positive discipline program for his classroom. As he became an administrator, he continued to develop and share what he learned about classroom discipline. To make this program well rounded, Dennis collected successful discipline strategies from a variety of master teachers and administrators.

Dennis understands that not all teachers and schools have the same level of discipline program needs. The Do’s & Don’ts of Discipline for the classroom teacher is a multi-leveled program that can be tailored to the exact level of behavior intervention needed. We provide a complete classroom discipline program, or specific elements which easily blend with any successful behavior program that is currently in place.

This program will provide teachers the necessary tools to work effectively with our students in today’s schools. Dennis is known for his “Laugh and Learn” approach because in-service trainings need not be mind-numbing. Audiences are given valuable strategies needed to manage the behavior in their classrooms, while thoroughly enjoying the experience. Combining effective staff development with follow-up mentoring / coaching, teachers are able to create an environment where high academic expectations are not compromised by inappropriate student behavior.

As a former teacher and principal, Dennis recognizes that any effective program must include all parties. Parents have a significant role to play in any successful behavior plan. Dennis continues to present at state PTA/PTO conventions, as well as numerous local schools. Parents are trained in areas ranging from behavioral strategies for the home to creating an effective homework program.

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